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Spring Issue April 2009
Sampling Error +/- 3%, 95% Confidence Limit
Sample Size: 1000

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Youth Survey
April 2009 Survey Results

1) How much does it bother you to hear your parents argue?
Results: Answers   in %
It's terrible (View Selected Comments) 55.55%
It’s OK (View Selected Comments) 29.44%
Not at all (View Selected Comments) 15%
2) Which of the following best describes what "parents arguing” means to you?
Results: Answers   in %
Disagreeing about things  39.10%
Screaming  26.25%
Throwing stuff  3.351%
Hitting  2.793%
Criticizing the other parent  28.49%
3) What’s the best thing to do with a parent who is violent to their spouse?
Results: Answers   in %
Serious, thorough counseling (View Selected Comments) 53.07%
The violent parent should spend time in jail (View Selected Comments) 32.96%
A long talk with promises made (View Selected Comments) 13.96%

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